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Call our 24-Hour Citizen Response Center at 303-325-8000

The City of Centennial is committed to protecting, promoting and enhancing the safety, health and quality of life of citizens and animals through proactive enforcement of animal related laws and responsible pet ownership and education.

Residents are encouraged to keep our community safe for by promptly reporting violations.

Please file a complaint for the most common violations of Centennial's animal related laws including: dangerous or potentially dangerous animals, leash law, noisy dogs, animal cruelty and dog licensing.

File a complaint

To initiate a complaint regarding noisy dogs, the complaining party must either fill in the online form below, or complete, sign and mail in a complaint statement.

Please return complaint statement to Centennial Animal Services, 7272 S. Eagle Street, Centennial, CO 80112. If you fill in the online complaint statement, an Animal Control Officer will visit you at your place of residence to sign a formal complaint and obtain witness verification. In both online and paper complaint forms, all information is required to be entered. Sensitive information will remain confidential. This information is required because witnessing/complainant parties must be willing to testify in Court with regards to the complaint.

What happens when the city receives a complaint?

Once a valid complaint is received, Centennial Animal Services will issue the owner of the animal a warning. The owner will then be given a date which to correct the violation (5 days for all barking complaints).  If any violations continue thereafter, a second complaint must be completed. If a barking violation continues after five days, the reporting party and a second witness from a separate household must sign a second complaint or provide evidence in lieu of a second/separate household, provide evidence in the form of a recording of the violation. Upon receipt of a valid second complaint a citation may be issued.    

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