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Call our 24-Hour Citizen Response Center at 303-325-8000

Our Animal Services team is dedicated to protecting and preserving the health and safety of the community and domestic animals.  You can help ensure your furry friends are taken care of by following these guidelines for responsible pet ownership.

License your pet

If your pet becomes lost, Centennial  Animal Services will attempt to return your pet to you. You may register your pet or renew an existing pet license online. Licenses may also be purchased by mail or in person at the Eagle Street Facility located at 7272 S. Eagle St.

Provide permanent ID

Microchips are methods of permanently identifying your pet, and can be invaluable in recovering your pet should they become lost. Microchipping your pet increases the chance of your pet being returned to you if it gets lost. Contact CAS or your local veterinarian for more information.

Spay or neuter

Spaying and neutering your pet has many health benefits and can improve the length and quality of life for your pet. As an incentive, spayed or neutered pets will receive a pet license cost break from the City.

Train your pet

Training builds confidence and strengthens the human-animal bond. Training your pet will not only make your life easier, but will also fulfill your pet’s desire to learn and please you.

Socialize your pet

Expose your pet to different people and settings regularly. Take them to the park, to the pet store, on a walk through town. Praise them for accepting petting from friendly strangers, and for behaving calmly around other pets. The more your pet learns of the world, the more comfortable they will be in it.

Exercise your pet

Pets need regular exercise to ensure continuing good health. Take your pet for walks, run around in the yard, play, throw a ball around - anything to get your pet up and moving. This will benefit their health and could prevent behavior problems. It is important to your pet’s health and mental well-being to exercise regularly.

Provide vet care

Set up a schedule for regular check-ups with your veterinarian. Ask the vet questions about your pet’s diet, behavior, activity level or other concerns. Contact the veterinarian at once if your pet seems ill or in pain. Keep your pet current on their vaccinations, following the schedule recommended by your veterinarian. Be sure to keep a copy of your pet’s vaccination records on hand.

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