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The Colorado winter season often brings snow, low temperatures and harsh weather along with it. Brushing up on winter safety tips can ensure your pets stay happy, healthy and safe.

  • Keep pets inside during the winter. If you are unable to keep your pet inside, create a warm, wind-proof shelter with dry and clean bedding. 

  • Always take in consideration of the age and breed of your dog as they may require extra attention. Puppies and senior pets are not able to regulate their body temperature as adequately as a healthy adult animal.

  • When out for a cold weather outing with your pet, limit the duration to minimize the chance of frostbite or hypothermia. Some dogs benefit from a water-resistant coat, sweater or "boots" that can protect their paws.

  • Last but not least, always keep chemicals commonly used during the winter stored safely away from your pets!  Antifreeze is lethal to pets - even in small doses and common ice melts can be irritating to skin.

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