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On January 18, 2011, City Council approved a City Council Policy to help clarify the approval authorities contemplated for formal City policies affecting principal City programs and operations, as well as administrative rules and regulations that may be more intended to guide the administrative operations of the City.

City Council Policy 2011-CCP-01 City Council Procedures for Administrative Policy defines an Administrative Directive separate from an Administrative Policy and means and includes a written rule or regulation promulgated by the City Manager under the Manager’s authority as the chief administrative and executive officer of the City and may also be known as a “directive,” “interpretation,” or by other title.  An Administrative Directive may include a rule or regulation that:

  1. Governs the administration and/or operation of City property; or 
  2. Governs and directs the actions and activities of City employees and the employment relationship between employees, the City Manager and/or other supervisory personnel; or
  3. Implements practices and procedures for the day-to-day internal operations of City departments and City programs; or
  4. Establishes administrative interpretations of municipal ordinances that are not inconsistent with the language or intent of such ordinances.

The City Manager shall notify the City Council of every Administrative Directive or amendment of a Directive promulgated after the effective date of this policy (January 18, 2011).  The City Council may request an opportunity to review and discuss an Administrative Directive in accordance with the Council’s procedures for setting Council agenda discussion items.  The City Manager shall also administratively codify all effective Administrative Directives which codification shall be available for public inspection. 

Administrative Directives by Department

Animal Control
Building Services
Capital Improvement Program
City Clerk's Office - Archived Directives
City Manager's Office
Code Compliance
Community Development - Archived Directives
Contractor Licensing
Finance - Archived Directives
Human Resources
Municipal Court
Office of Economic Development
Public Works

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