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The Municipal Code (adopted by Ordinance No. 2012-O-09) authorizes the City Manager to communicate administrative policies.  These policies shall be effective upon by City Council, and the City Council may modify policies prior to ratification.  

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Administrative Policies to be Ratified by City Council

On January 18, 2011, City Council approved a City Council Policy to help clarify the approval authorities contemplated for formal City policies affecting principal City programs and operations, as well as administrative rules and regulations that may be more intended to guide the administrative operations of the City.  City Council Policy No. 2011-CCP-01 City Council Procedures for Administrative Policy is intended to guide the City Manager in deciding: (1) what constitutes an administrative policy that must be referred to the City Council for ratification; and (2) the appropriate process and procedure to seek City Council ratification. 

An Administrative Policy is a written policy communicated by the City Manager under the authority of Centennial Municipal Code that:

  1. Implements legislative powers specifically conferred upon the City Council by the Centennial Charter; or
  2. Applies to or governs the non-legislative actions or activities of the City Council or any formally constituted City Council-created or Council-supervised board, commission, or committee; or
  3. Constitutes the official personnel policy, purchasing or procurement policy, financial policy, or investment policy of the City; or
  4. Implements a City Council-created program intended to directly benefit or engage the citizens and/or businesses of the City; or
  5. Involves a potentially controversial public policy issue.

Copies of all financial and purchasing policies shall be posted on the City's official website and attached to the annual budget. Policies shall be effective following presentation to and ratification by the City Council and the Council may modify policies prior to ratification.

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