Priority 3 Streets Ice Control Services

The City's Public Works crews proactively monitor ice build-up on Priority 3 (residential) streets and will remove ice when conditions warrant. Generally, the criteria used to identify the highest priority locations for ice cutting services includes either ice build-up in the travel lane or ice forming in the gutter and forcing water onto the sidewalk. The removal of ice build-up will typically occur one time per location, but additional ice cutting service may be provided based on the winter season and the number of locations needing ice removal. Follow these steps to request ice removal service in your area: 

  1. Contact the City at 303-325-8000 to request ice removal.
  2. The City inspects all reported locations to determine if ice cutting services are warranted.
  3. Once inspected and criteria is met, the City will add the location to the list of areas in need of ice removal. 
  4. Residents will be notified of the timeframe ice cutting will occur to coordinate the relocation of vehicles parked on the street. 

Ice Removal/Cutting Expectations

  • Mechanical equipment is used to cut the ice and may cause damage or scarring of the roadway surface or concrete. The City does not intend to repair surface damage but will fix structural damage on the roadway at a future time.
  • The City’s decision to haul or move the ice will be based on the amount of ice and the weather conditions.  For example, if the temperatures are not warm enough to melt the ice, the City may elect to haul the ice away.
  • The City anticipates providing ice cutting services one time during the snow season at each location meeting the ice cutting criteria.

How residents can limit ice build-up

Many factors play a role in the build-up of ice in gutters, such as the freeze/thaw cycle during the winter months and shade caused by large trees, fences or structures. Accumulation of ice on sidewalks, streets and driveways can cause a safety issue.  Clearing snow from the gutters and shoveling sidewalk snow away from the gutters, especially at shaded areas, will reduce ice build-up, but not prevent recurrence.  Residents are encouraged to shovel snow from the gutter and sidewalk onto their property to reduce the amount of snow on the street, which may eventually melt and freeze in the gutter.

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