Markings on public and private roads open to public travel have important functions in providing guidance and information for the road user.

Crosswalk MaintenanceMajor marking types include pavement markings, delineators, channelizing devices and islands. In some cases, markings are used to supplement other traffic control devices such as signs and signals. In other instances, markings are used alone to effectively convey regulations, guidance or warnings.

Markings have limitations. Visibility of the markings can be limited by snow, debris, and water on or adjacent to the markings. Marking durability is affected by material characteristics, traffic volumes, weather, and location. However, under most highway conditions, markings provide important information while allowing minimal diversion of attention from the roadway.

Lane Striping

When used, white markings for lengthwise lines shall delineate:

  • The separation of traffic flows in the same direction, or
  • The right-hand edge of the roadway.

When used, yellow markings for lengthwise lines shall delineate:

  • The separation of traffic traveling in opposite directions;
  • The left-hand edge of the roadways of divided highways and one-way streets or ramps; or
  • The separation of two-way left-turn lanes and reversible lanes from other lanes.

Crosswalk Striping

Crosswalk markings provide guidance for pedestrians who are crossing roadways by defining paths to and within signalized intersections, and approaches to other intersections where traffic stops.  In conjunction with signs and other devices, crosswalk markings help to alert drivers of a pedestrian crossing point across roadways that are not controlled by traffic control signals or STOP or YIELD signs.  At non-intersection locations, crosswalk markings legally establish the crosswalk.

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