The City of Centennial prides itself in utilizing innovative and cutting edge technologies to address traffic issues.

Flashing Arrow TypesWhat do the flashing yellow arrows mean?

Yellow flashing arrows are being introduced at a number of traffic signals throughout the City. The yellow arrows flash when it’s safe and permitted for traffic to make a left turn, yielding to oncoming traffic.  Studies have shown a decrease in left turn accidents with the implementation of the flashing yellow arrows.

The illustration shows how drivers should react to a flashing yellow arrow.

HAWKWhat is a HAWK?

Although it looks fairly similar to a traditional signalized pedestrian crossing, the High intensity Activated cross WalK (HAWK) functions differently.  When not in use, it will remain dark.  While different in appearance to the driver, to the pedestrian this signal works the same as any push-button activated traffic signal in Centennial. It stops traffic with a red indication allowing pedestrians to cross safely. When you see a pedestrian about to enter a crosswalk, drivers must by law yield and let them cross.

The illustration demonstrates how a HAWK operates.

RoundaboutNavigating a roundabout

A roundabout is a circular intersection without traffic signals whereas traffic flows continuously in one direction. The first roundabout constructed in Centennial is at the intersection of S. Peoria St. and E. Peakview Ave.

Roundabout Instructions: 

  • Always look for bicyclists and pedestrians. If you see a pedestrian entering a crosswalk, by law drivers must yield and let them cross.

  • Select your lane, just as you would in a traditional intersection to turn right, turn left , continue straight or make a U-turn.

  • When approaching the roundabout, look to your left and yield to drivers in the roundabout. You must yield to vehicles in both lanes.

  • Avoid driving next to oversize vehicles.

  • Once there’s a gap, begin to merge into the roundabout and proceed to your preferred exit.

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