ROW Permits without land use case

When issuing Right-of-Way (ROW) permits without a land use case, the permit must be pulled through the Public Works Department. To ensure that rights-of-way continue to serve their intended purposes, the City requires permits for construction and maintenance by utility companies or contractors working in the right-of-way. Permit applicability, fees, process, conditions and standards may be found in the Permit Regulations. Contractors must be licensed and bonded in the City of Centennial to obtain a Right-of-Way Permit.

The applicant must submit an application and contact (303) 325-8000 for an inspection.

ROW Permits with land use case

A Right-of-Way (ROW) permit is required for all construction within the City's ROW. Applicants must submit a ROW permit application, Construction Documents and a Public Improvement Agreement for City review and approval (if not already submitted with the land use case). The applicant must also conform to the approved documents (CDs, etc.) as well as the appropriate Roadway Design and Construction Standards, GESC Manual and the City of Centennial Storm Water Management Manual.

A ROW permit adjacent to or associated with a land use case is reviewed by the Community Development Department Engineering Division. The Engineering Division also reviews ROW Permits for Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority (SEMSWA) Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) and installation of bus bench pads and shelters. Once the steps above have been followed, a completed ROW permit application (see below) is submitted along with the appropriate fees.

For inspections contact (303)754-3362.

All GESC (standard & low impact) permits are issued directly through SEMSWA.

Application and Checklists

Administrative Regulations Work within the Right-of-Way Effective: February 2018

Maps for contractors working within the right-of-way

For traffic control purposes.

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